Olympian Clubbell Sets

Clubbells - also call powerclubs – have their origins in primitive weaponry. Simple and effective, they are an ideal way to expand your exercise routine with a unique workout used by martial arts and military fitness experts to world over.

Clubbells give you one of the most demanding, direct and dynamic circular strength training routines you’ll find anywhere with benefits beyond gym machines



Perfect use for:

  • Developing Strength
  • Increase shoulder stability and flexibility
  • Increase wrist strength and grip
  • A fun upper body workout
  • Great for different exercises to kettlebells

These are our lightest clubbells from our 2kg-20kg range. Some users say they feel heavier than equivalent kettlebells because of the way the weight is balanced

Clubbells training involves circular motions that are not possible or practical with kettlebells or dumbbells. They increase shoulder stability and flexibility and may also act preventively against injuries. You can also improve you grip and wrist strength differently to exercises such as wrist curls.

As you constantly react to their changing balance, you will be using your chest, abs, and lower back to keep your body straight, not just your shoulders for a great workout that’s also a lot of fun!

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