Ladies Pink Kettlebells


Kettlebells are weights that can be lifted like ordinary dumbells, but can also be swung about for an intense cardio workout.

Our new Ladies Kettlebells are beautifully crafted with a Pink vinyl cover - your perfect stylish training gear.

'Fit' them with your lifestyle!



Perfect use for:

  • Total body workout
  • Use at Home, Outdoors or Office
  • Lift like ordinary dumbells
  • Intense cardio workout
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Our heaviest ladies kettlebells will give you a total body workout at home, outdoors, or even in the office, they are typically used 2-7 days per week for 10-40 minutes 

Kettlebell training can easily become part of your lifestyle!

With kettlebells you can have a workout - in very little space - that will get your heart pumping and exercise your whole body. With a pair of these you can burn up just as many calories as going for a run, all you need is the room to swing your arms. There are hundreds of exercises you can do with them

Kettlebell: A Popular Tool of Exercise 30 Apr 2010

Perhaps no other tool has been as popular as Russian Kettlebell. This is also called Griya in Russian language. This exercise tool whose roots are in Russia has been popularized in the US by some eminent coaches of strength and flexibility trainer.

What is kettlebell? This is a traditional cast iron weight similar to the shape of a cannonball or a big round ball with a handle like suitcase or kettle. It is used as a tool in weight lifting exercises. The popularity of this kettlebell in the US owes a lot to efforts by kettlebell world champion Valery Fedorenko and the internationally acclaimed coach called Pavel Tsatsouline. Besides their efforts the results of kettlebell training too has some contribution to it. Now you don't need to go to a gym to exercise and lose your extra weight or build up your think and lanky figure. You just need to buy a kettlebell of desired weight and start the routine in your home.

Many fitness companies are now into manufacturing of kettlebells. Besides that they developed some exercise programs for kettlebells. People can follow such exercise programs to meet their goals of fitness and training. You can buy books, CDs, DVDs and other audio and visual mediums to learn the exercises of kettlebell lifting. Today the modern kettlebell is different from traditional kettlebell. Now you have adjustable kettlebell. That is like dumbbell you can adjust weight to kettlebell and do your exercise with desired amount of weight fixed to it.

What is the purpose of kettlebell weight and how it can help people? Kettlebell weight programs have been designed to increase endurance, strength, balance, agility and develop muscular as well as cardiovascular system keeping in view the dynamic body movements. While you lift or do any form of exercise with kettlebell your whole body works out. In that fashion you achieve the flexibility and strength you aim for.

Kettlebell is now no longer confined to those who love body building and have some goal to achieve. It has entered into the diaries of popular sports. Now this is recognized nationally and played throughout the globe. There are two popular forms of kettlebell lifting exercises which are played on competition basis- One is called the 'Two Kettlebell Jerk' and the Other is called 'One Kettlebell Snatch'. Both this games have to performed for ten minutes each and the competitor who gains the highest point and scores overall wins the title.

Off late kettlebell has become more popular with other forms of athletes too. A new forms of martial art called Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) takes into account kettlebell training seriously and they practice with this Russian weight ball. The MMA is a combat sport where a variety of fighting techniques are utilized and hence it is called mixed.

Studies revealed that no other single sports could develop muscle power like kettlebell. Thats because they deliver extreme all round fitness. Kettlebell replaces all other popular forms of exercise equipments hence it has gained its popularity and dominated all other exercise equipments.


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