About ProX Sports

Mixed martial arts, boxing and fitness gear to keep you fighting fit

The Pro-X Sports team understands what it really takes to practice or compete in mixed martial arts and boxing - and keeping fit.

This means Pro-X Sports can provide you with true independent advice that comes with years of competing, to help you choose the gear that really works for you. That's why they stock a wide range of professional quality equipment and sportswear designed for your specific activities.

Stocking some of the best known sportswear and fightgear brands, Pro-X Sports constantly renew their ranges to bring you the latest gear - from Adidas to Lonsdale, Everlast, Title, Century, BBE, York Fitness, Nike, La Muscle, Prolab, Nutrisport, Maximuscle, Atla Cnp, Dorian Yates, Reflex, Met-Rx, Usn and Cylone to name but a few.

You can literally browse through thousands of products – The mixed martial arts, boxing, fitness and training equipment range from training weapons such as swords, nunchuckus, tonfas, sias and kamas, to sparring equipment, boxing gloves and kettlebells. The list goes on!

Whether you train in a club or at home, check Pro-X Sports tailored sports gear including a wide range of uniforms for Karate, Taekwondo, Judo, Thai, Kick Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts.

And don't forget Pro-X Sports stock sports nutrition supplements to complement your fitness regime!

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