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Mace Bells


The mace has been a weapon used for thousands of years all over the world. As a weapon, it consisted of a long shaft topped by a rounded ball that often had sharp points of embedded metal or wood. The power of the mace came from swinging the shaft around to create centripetal force before the blow. Today, however, the mace is now being used as a piece of exercise equipment that can give the entire upper body an incredible workout. Mace bells are one of the more reliable and pain free methods of increasing upper body strength, flexibility and even coordination.

The mace bells are often used along with kettle bells and medicine balls, simply because although the devices are different, it is the same type of workout for strength and endurance rather than speed. However, some athletes do use stationery targets to swing at during their workout, which can increase the hand eye coordination as well. This is a good workout for martial arts enthusiasts and weight lifters as well, since the mace bells can provide such a great workout in so many ways.

Typically, the mace bells are made of a steel construction, but are often coated in a rubber or synthetic sheathing as well. Typically, the shaft will be comprised of a sturdy material that has a tactile grip. The length of the shaft will differ depending upon the manufacturer, but it is important to take note of the length of the shaft, since this will affect the manner in which the mace bells are being used. The longer the shaft, the greater the amount of force being used, and typically, the harder the workout as well. In order to increase the weight of the mace bells, some models can be loaded with iron shot. This gives the athlete control over their workout and the weight.

It is advisable to those new to mace bells to use the lightest weight possible at the start, because the torque can give a surprising amount of weight. Again, the lighter models of mace bells may be loaded with shot to increase the weight and resistance during the workout, so it is recommended to underestimate the size mace bell that is desired. Regardless of the desired size of mace bell, however, the benefits are immense. These items take up very little room and so can be easily stored, are sturdy enough to last for years and give a tremendous workout.

During the mace bells workout, rhythm is essential to success, as well as good timing. It is important to use a regular pace to keep the workout flowing without awkwardness or injury. In addition, the proper grip technique is absolutely essential, as losing the grip could cause the mace to swing out of control. However, by that very token, this piece of equipment will also create a tremendous improvement in grip strength and wrist flexibility as well. It is thought that the mace will also highlight any balance issues, as soreness after a workout is an indication that the body stance needs to be adjusted.

In conclusion, this ancient warring device is now a popular method of exercise that can help improve the upper body strength, coordination and flexibility a great deal. In addition, the adjustable iron shot feature will also enable the athlete to find the perfect weight for the perfect workout, while the sturdy metal construction will keep the mace as a good piece of equipment for many years. However, it is important to start slow and take note of the correct posture, stance and technique at all times. 

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