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The Burn Machine for Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed martial arts – a skill that needs die hard training! You are hitting and kicking punching bags to increase your striking skills. This heavy exercising must exhaust you quickly. Try burn machine and get same strength with lesser work out.

You can practice punching with burn machine speed bag. Foremost positive attribute of speed bag is compact and light weight structure. So this portable machine can travel with you and you don’t need to miss your work out session. Mixed martial arts is a combination of striking, grappling and traditional/ non-traditional martial arts. So, upper body strength without much of bulk is required to be a mixed martial artist.

Burn machine is apt way to get upper body strength for martial arts enthusiasts as intermediate speed bag weighs only 8 lbs for beginners and even women can work out with it. It helps in developing your core muscles and increasing shoulder strength. The 360 degrees rotating grip improves hand eye coordination and hand speed.

Another unit of burn machine that comes with asymmetrical burn counterweight is Cross Trainer. This machine gives you all benefits of speed bag burn machine including counterweight which you can position as per your requirements. So, a mixed martial artist can use the counterweight to put extra stress on a particular side of the body.

Cross trainer keeps your body cardio conditioned. If your body is free of cardio stress, you will have a controlled breath, which in turn increase your stamina. And the rotational grip provides strength to your hand and forearm so that you can knock the opponent out!

Ultimate burn machine is useful for mixed martial artist advanced training as it improves the core strength and rotating handles and asymmetric barbell concentrates on multiple muscle groups

While fighting, you tend to get injured. And burn machine plays an important role in curing injuries, especially elbow and shoulder injuries. During the initial stage, paramedics use speed bag and cross trainer on a later stage. And they play around with the counterweight to put stress on required part of the body. Burn machine is useful exercise equipment whether you are starting with mixed martial arts or getting injured as a professional martial artist.

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