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Nike Hyper KO boots

are a revolution in Boxing boot design. They feature Nike Flywire supports throughout the boot, which act like steel cables on a bridge, supporting the boot to withstand the massive amounts of torque developed by professional punchers. In addition to the Flywire system these boots also feature a ‘lockdown trap’ in the forefoot area, to deal even better with the amount of power development of elite level boxers, and helping them process power from their feet to their fists. With speed comes power, and these boots are constructed of light weight but super durable materials, to allow for speedy footwork like the greats of the sport. As well as these great technical features, Nike boxing boots possess in abundance what most Boxers consider close second to performance – style. Arguably the most eye catching and stylish of Boxing boots currently on the market, they come in a range of colour schemes, from cool Black and Silver to the striking neon ‘Volt’ model, and will look great as part of anyone’s training and competition gear.

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