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Kettlebells core to your fitness

Every since kettlebells became mainstream, their use in gyms and at home has grown from strength to strength and it’s easy to see why. Extremely portable, easy to use and relatively inexpensive to purchase, kettlebells appeal to men and women of all age groups. Around the world celebrities from pop stars to martial arts professionals swear by them, with bodies to tell the story!

Pro-X Sports Steel Kettlebells

Pro-X Sports Steel Kettlebells

The benefits of working out with kettlebells are countless! But the main one is all about your core strength. Think about it this way. All day (and night) long, your spine supports your body weight. But what do you actually do to support your spine? So you can see how critical it is to workout to keep strengthening your body core. It’s even more essential if you are into martial arts where injuries are common-place and generally to help keep back pain at bay in your every day life.

Whilst kettlebells can’t work miracles, they can certainly play a key role in helping prevent injury, improving your posture and making you fitter. A well thought through kettlebell workout will benefit far more muscle groups than many other exercises.

If you are not familiar with kettlebells, they are either round steel or cast iron weights with a smooth handle that can be lifted like ordinary dumbells and also be swung about for an intense cardio workout. Typically used 2 to 4 days per week for any time between 10 and 40 minutes, kettlebell training can easily become part of your every day lifestyle. And it won’t take long before you see the results. We reckon about 6 weeks, though it could be sooner – everyone is different!

What’s great about kettlebells is that you can have a workout just about anywhere as it requires very little space.  But it will get your heart pumping and exercise your whole body. With a pair of these you can burn up just as many calories as going for a run. All you need is the room to swing your arms. You can literally do hundreds of exercises with them!

Do you use kettlebells at the moment but can’t see any changes? Are you thinking about getting a set but not sure what to get? We would love to read your comments.

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