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Find the Right Boxing Gloves for Your Situation

If you have been in the boxing game for a while, then you know that not all boxing gloves are created equal. Before you invest in a new pair of boxing gloves, you need to make sure that you are getting the right gloves for your situation. The first thing you need to be able to differentiate is between competition gloves and training gloves. When you train, you are hitting a lot more than in an actual fight situation. That is why training gloves have more padding than competition gloves. If you like to spar a lot, then consider utilizing sparring gloves as opposed to competition gloves. Sparring gloves let you have the resistance of making contact but without the immediate fear of injuring your sparring partner.

Another area where boxing gloves can differ is between men’s and women’s gloves. The rules of women’s boxing are much different than men’s rules. Since the popularity of women’s boxing has been steadily increasing, the market for women’s boxing gloves has increased with it. Women need to shop carefully for the right kinds of boxing gloves to make sure that they are getting regulation gloves for competition. Women also have different styles of training gloves that can help to preserve their hands during training better than competition gloves.

When you are buying your competition gloves, be sure that you look into getting all of the comfort features you will need to help you get through your bouts. Boxing gloves have come a long way over the past few years, and the right gloves can help reduce the wear and tear on your hands. The internal design of each pair of gloves is different and the materials used also vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Put your hands inside a lot of gloves before you settle on the ones you will use in competition. Remember that good boxing gloves are the difference between winning and losing a bout.

The style and weight of your boxing gloves is dictated by the governing body which administers your fights. Always make sure that you are completely familiar with the guidelines for legal gloves before you head out to make your purchase. When you have the right pair of boxing gloves, you can feel like you can take on the world. The wrong pair of boxing gloves can set your career back and cause you nothing but problems. That is why it is so important to make the right choice when making your boxing glove purchase.


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